Important Dates

Sorors in the attempt to make sure everyone is aware of important dates, this page has been created with upcoming conference dates, Founder’s days, clusters, Boule, and Leadership. When more details are provided by the regional or corporate office this page will be updated with the applicable links.

Regional Conference

2020     Oakland, CA

- March 25th through March 29th, 2020


Founders Day

2020     Long Beach, CA

2021     San Diego, CA

2022     Pomona, CA

2023     Bakersfield, CA


Southern California Cluster

2019     Riverside, CA

2020     Torrance, CA

2021     Inglewood, CA

2022     Marina Del Rey, CA


2020     Philadelphia, PA

2022     Orlando, FL



2019     Nashville, TN

2021     New Orleans, LA


Aug. 16th through Aug. 18th, 2019

Hotel Information: