Chapter Self-Assessment

Frequently Asked Questioned for Epsilon Xi Omega

In preparation for our mid-year self-assessment, these were the questions that most of our members had concerns with. Please read below to assist with responding to the survey questions.

Chapters file with the Regional Director for review and approval with two copies of the chapter bylaws. YES

Two copies of all subsequent changes to chapter bylaws are forwarded to the Regional Director for review and approval. YES

Chapter has solicited funds from other AKA chapters or members. NO We support other chapters and members but do not solicit funds.

Chapter has taken a position on any issue within the preceding 12-month period. NO

Graduate chapters sponsoring at least one undergraduate chapter(s): - have at least two join meetings with undergraduate chapter(s). The main purpose of these meetings shall be to socially increase fellowship and better understanding. NO (The undergraduate chapter that Epsilon Xi Omega supports is presently inactive.)

Chapter owns property. NO

Chapter has a copy of the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. YES

The financial records of a chapter should be audited internally on an annual basis, and a written report made to the chapter. YES